How it Works


  • Fill out a simple online form to create your reading program
  • Set reading goals
  • Create a unique code for your reading program(s).
Creating a reading program is fast and simple

Once you have a Reader Zone account, you can create an unlimited number of reading programs. Each reading program can have an unlimited number of reading groups. Each group can have an unlimited number of participants.

There are videos that instruct on creating reading programs and groups at Reader Zone Academy.

An account owner can create an account for an entire school or library system. The account owner can assign authorized users for reading programs and reading groups within an account.

When a reading program is created, you will create a unique program code for it. Users will enter this code to find and join your reading program. If there are multiple reading groups in a reading program, users select the group(s) they belong with.

It’s a good idea to determine how you’d like to set up your Reader Zone account and reading programs prior to setting up your account. Reading programs, groups and goals can be edited or deleted at any time.

Reading Goals

Once you have created your reading programs and reading groups, you can set reading goals. A video that explains reading goals can be seen here.

Your reading goals at set up at the group level. Each reading group can have one active reading goal at a time. Reading goals have four elements:1. A metric.2. An Interval3. A metric value4. A time frame.

The metric is the type of data you want to collect, minutes, pages, chapters or entire books.

An interval is the measuring parameter you will use. It can be weekly, monthly or yearly.

The time frame is the beginning and end date for your entire goal.

A goal can be: 600 (metric value) minutes (metric) per month (interval) for September through May (goal time frame).

Another goal can be: 100 (metric value) pages (metric) each week (interval) for the month of June (time frame).

Please note that your reading groups will not be visible to users unless they have an active reading goal.

Once a reading goal is finished, you can archive it and create a new one for the same reading group.

Reach Out

  • Email the unique code to your community asking them to download the app from either the Apple or Google Play app store and register their readers
  • Your participants begin logging their reading

Your reading programs will be successful only if you have participants!

The best way to bring participants into your programs is creating excellent programs, and then emailing your prospective readers announcing the program and providing instructions regarding the benefits of the program.We have a draft email you can copy and paste here.

You can also download and print a flyer that invites readers to join your program.


  • Review progress of each group participant
  • Manage, edit and update your reading group anytime
  • Download and use reports for your readers as you see fit

Return and Report

The true power in Reader Zone is the ability for readers and program organizers to see how they’re doing in relation to goals in real time.You can see how to manage readers and download reports here.As readers enter daily reading, they will see if they are ahead, behind or on track with the interval reading goal. They can also see if they are ahead, behind, or on track with the overall reading goal.Reading program organizers can see a list of all participants in reading groups at a glance. They can also view and download reports for reading groups and individual readers at any time.Reading reports are available even after a goal is archived.


  • Participants earn badges and experience points as they enter reading and reach goals.
  • Earning badges and rewards encourages consistent reading.
  • Badges and experience points stay with the reader through multiple reading programs.

Earn Badges and Points

Reading program participants earn experience points every time they log reading. Along with experience points, participants can earn three types of badges: "Nailed It", "Turkey" and "Perfect". The Nailed it badge is awarded when a reader reaches a reading goal for a single interval. The Turkey is awarded when a reader meets a goal for three consecutive intervals. The Perfect badge is awarded when a reader meets 85% or more of an entire reading goal. Readers can watch their badges and experience points add up in their Trophy Case.


Flexible Reading Programs

Reader Zone has been built so that reading groups of any size can reliably measure reading progress.
How it Works