• Encourage your students and patrons to join your reading programs via email and flyers.

Your students, families and patrons will love to use Reader Zone.

Email is the most effective way to encourage sign-ups to your reading programs.

The draft email message and flyers on this webpage are available for your use.

It's a good idea to use social media to spread the word about your reading programs.

Be sure to include links to the app and your reading program codes in email and social media.

You simply cannot do too much promotion!

Set Goals

  • Create challenging, but reasonable goals based on the capabilities of your readers.
  • Set goals that match and slightly challenge their reading abilities.

Reader Zone allows you to set one active reading goal per reading group.

A reading goal consists of three elements: a metric, an interval and a time frame.

Before setting up your reading programs, groups and goals, it's a good idea to analyze how many different groups are needed for your organization.

There is no limit to the number of reading groups and goals you have in your reading programs.

You can create, archive and edit reading goals at any time.

Create Incentives

  • Keep a close eye on how your readers are doing and reward their successes.
  • If a reader is falling behind, help him or her with challenges as they arise.

If a reader is falling behind, help him or her with challenges as they arise. Reader Zone allows you to see how a reader is doing in real time.

The powerful search and sort functions on the Reader Zone administrator panel allows you to manage thousands of readers in one simple interface.


  • Message your reading community with updates on your groups progress.

Communicate regularly with your community regarding new reading goals, accomplishments and other news relating to your reading programs.

Your participants will enjoy news and updates regarding reading programs.


  • Email us anytime with your suggestions and comments. We want to build a system that serves you.


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