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Why collect data if you can’t analyze it?

Reader Zone allows you to download and utilize your reading data anyway you’d like.

On the Dashboard, there is a function that allows you to export reading data in a variety of formats. The export button is on the right-hand side of the screen above the reader area.

*Tip:  the exports will only be for the reading group you’re viewing at the time you carry out the export.  You can download data for one reading group at a time.






You can download a csv, Excel or PDF file of your reading data.  Simply click the button for the file format you want.

The PDF file is a formatted, printable file that shows what you see on the dashboard on paper.  It is a pretty way to see your data.  But, cannot be manipulated.

The csv file will download all the reading entries for the selected reading group in separate fields.  You can drop the data into any spreadsheet program you’d like.  Once the data is in a spreadsheet format, you can manipulate it any way you’d like.

The Excel export will generate a Microsoft Excel file that you can manipulate any way you’d like.