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Reading Log Goal Type

The Reading Log goal allows an organizer to set up a reading log that does not track against a set goal.

An organizer will not select a set value for the goal, e.g. 400 minutes, they will select the goal time frame, e.g. May 1 to September 1.

The goal set-up process for a Reading Log is very similar to a fixed goal.

The first screen an organizer sees is the Goal Type Selector.

From here, select the “Reading Log” box and the the type of data you want readers to log, minutes, pages, Chapters, Books or a yes/no metric.

The next step is selecting a time frame for which you will collect reading data.







After dates are selected, click “Continue” to see the goal confirmation dialogue box.–Click “Save” to set the goal.




With the Reading Log goal, a reader will be presented with an input screen that simply asks for a metric entry that the organizer selected, minutes, books, pages, chapters or yes/no.

Once the entry is made the screen confirms the entry and displays the cumulative amount read for the goal interval.  They can make entries for the past 10 days by clicking “enter past reading”.

The Reading Log goal type is especially useful for reading contests and mixed groups of readers.  It’s a “no pressure” way to log reading and show progress over time.

If you decide to change a set goal to a Reading Log goal in the middle of a reading goal, your readers will see how much they have read and the goal information will not appear on the reading entry screen.