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Show everyone how amazing your readers are!

Reader Zone has an excellent feature that allows you to show the world how your readers are doing in real time.

On the Dashboard, you will find a menu item for “Badges”  Yo can select the reading programs and groups you’d like to show on the badge.  The selector looks like this.

Check the boxes to select the combination of reading programs and groups you’d like the badge to display.  You can select any combination you’d like.  As you select different programs and goals, the badge on the screen will display exactly what would appear once the badge is applied to your web page.

The badge is set to show progress for the current goal interval of the respective reading groups.  If you your goal interval is the entire goal time frame, for example a summer reading program, your badge will show the cumulative reading number for the selected reading groups.

Once you have decided how the badge will look, you need to copy and paste the code snippet.  This can be done by either selecting the code in the box below the badge, or, clicking the “copy to clipboard” button.

The code that is copies is an html code snippet that will automatically pull the badge information.  As readers make entries the badge will update in real-time.

With the snippet in-hand you are ready to post it to your web page.  The snippet will work on any web page.  It’s simple HTML that can also be customized by skilled system administrators

**Tip:  If you decide you’d like your badge to display data for a different set of reading programs and/or groups, you will need to select the settings for the badge and re-copy the snippet.