Inviting New Readers

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The key to success in your reading programs is participation.  The key to participation is a smooth, painless way for prospective users to join reading programs.

We have built a cutting-edge system to invite readers to join your programs.  This easy-to-use system delivers a formatted email to your prospective users that allows them to sign up and begin logging reading in less than 60 seconds.

Here’s how it works:

  • Once you have developed a reading program and at least one reading group with a goal, you can access this function on the “Readers” button on the Dashboard.
  • There are two ways to add readers through the system, uploading an email list and adding names manually.

To upload a list of email addresses, click on the “Upload Email List” button on the Reader page.




You will see a feature to drag and drop an excel or CSV file into the system.  The function is built to identify email addresses and add them to the page.  Once you have added a file. the page will look like this:

You will see the email addresses on the left and the options for creating an email to the right of the email addresses.  You can select the type of invitation email the prospective user will receive, either a Parent or Reader invitation.  A Parent invitation will instruct the user to add children to their account.  The Reader invitation will not.

You also select the Reading Program and Reading Group to which the prospective users will be invited to join.

The function will default to invite everyone on the list to the same role, Reading Program and Reading Group you select at the top.  However, if you want to make exceptions and invite different users to different programs, you can edit the invitation on for each one.

If you want to delete a user from the list, simply click the “x” to the far right of the email address.

After you have finished with who will receive what type of invitation, you can click “Send Invites”

You can preview and edit the email that will be sent to prospective readers. You can also send a test email to yourself to see exactly how it will look to your prospective readers bu clicking “preview Email”.

Your prospective readers will receive the email and be encouraged click on a button to easily join a reading group within your reading program.



  • If you have more than one reading program, be sure to note which reading program your working with. The reading program you are in will be highlighted on the left column of the dashboard.
  • After an invitation email is sent, you will see a “Pending” note by those users who have not yet completed the sign up process.  You can send these users another message reminding them to join your reading program when you feel it’s appropriate.
  • Email addresses uploaded to the Reader Zone server are not accessible by Reader Zone staff.  They can be used only within your Reader Zone account.