Deciphering the Dashboard

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Reader Zone has an excellent dashboard that is versatile and feature rich.  Through the dashboard, you can do the following:

  • Manage and edit Reading Groups, Reading Goals and Individual Readers.
  • Manage your account details.
  • Manage Authorized Users
  • View the progress of goals and readers in an at-a-glance format.

We’ll go through each element on the dashboard below.

Manage and edit Programs, Groups and Readers:

The Reading Program view is on the left-hand side of the screen.  It lists the various reading programs associated with your account.  You view all data for Reader Zone in a program-based view.  The program that is in the dark blue is the one that is currently selected.

Each Reading Program has a distinct program code and Reading Groups.  The little number to the right of the program name is the number of participants in the program.  You can edit the program name and type by clicking the pencil icon on the program name.

Additional Reading Programs can be added to your account by clicking the + button at the top of the column.

You will see the name of the selected Reading Program in big letters at the top-left of the screen.

Immediately to the right of the Program list is a box that contains the code for the selected program.  You can copy the code by clicking the paper icon.  You can invite a new participant to the program by clicking the envelope icon.


As you add reading groups to a reading program, each group will appear as a tab on the dashboard.  The little number to the right of the group name is the number of participants in the group.  You can add more reading groups by clicking the + icon next to the last tab on the right.

On the far left side of the screen is a progress icon.  The icon shows the total metric accomplished by the selected reading group for the current interval.  The counter will reset at the beginning of a new interval.  The “Goals Met” number represents the number of readers who have reached the goal for the current interval.


You will see the Edit Group and Edit Goal icon within the body of the reading progress area.  These buttons allow you to edit the group or goal for the group you have selected.  Simply click the tab for the group you’d like to edit, then edit the group name or goal.  Please know that editing a goal that is in progress will re-factor the entries readers have made into the goal to accommodate any new goal settings you apply.

The Manage Readers icon will take you to the Mange Readers page.  On this page, you can edit current readers and invite new ones to your reading programs and groups.  The Manage Readers function is explained in detail here.

Reading Programs have two types of readers; My Readers are participants who are added by a reading program organizer.  The Reading Program Organizer is responsible for making reading entries on their behalf and managing all aspects of their account.  Readers are participants who join programs independently, manage their own accounts and make their own entries.  You can toggle between the two types of readers by clicking the appropriate radio button.

The Export function allows you to view and download reading data at the reading group level.  A detailed article regarding reports can be found here.


The Search Function allows you to search all the readers in the selected reading group by any part of the participant’s name.  You can entire a first name, last name or partial name and the search will yield results.




The masthead of the reader quick-view shows a lot of data in one place.  The Goal Interval at the top shows the past 5 intervals and the overall performance of a reading group.  Each interval, represented above as weeks, can be sorted by the arrows by the week name to show amount of reading done by individual readers in ascending or descending order.

If there are more than 5 intervals finished for the goal, you will see arrows pointing left and right to scroll to weeks that are not shown.

The Goals Met shows the number of readers who have reached the reading goal for the interval.

The overall shows the total number of goals that have been met for the entire goal period and the total number of minutes, pages or books read by the reading group.



Below the masthead are the readers in the selected reading group.  The readers can be sorted by the amount of reading logged by individual interval or total amount read.

A gray circle on a goal interval means no reading entries have been made.  A yellow means that the reader has less than 85% of the goal.  Green means the reader has met or exceeded the goal.

The number at the far right of the screen is the total amount read for the entire goal.

 As you roll over an icon, you will see options for managing individual readers.  The icons represent the following:



  • Person icon:  Allows you to see more detailed goal progress for the reader.
  • Pencil icon allows you to manage which reading group(s) the reader is a participating with.
  • Calendar icon allows you to see individual reading entries and make and’or correct reading entries.
  • Trophy allows you to see what trophies the reader has earned.
  • The bookmark/ribbon icon allows a more detailed view of reading entries in a list format that is not editable.
  • The book icon allows you to see the reader’s book bank.