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Reader Zone runs on the following simple hierarchy:

Reader Zone Account (One)

Reading Programs (Unlimited Number)

Reading Groups (Unlimited Number of Groups within each Reading Program).

Reading Groups must have an active goal in order for readers to join.  Reading groups can have an unlimited number of participants.

When you create a Reading Organizer account, you are immediately prompted to create your first Reading Program.  An account can host an unlimited number of  Reading Programs, which can each contain an unlimited number of Reading Groups and participants.

Each Reading Program has a unique code that you create when a program is made.

A best practice is to build as few Reading Programs as possible, then use Reading Groups to accomplish multiple purposes within the same organization.  For example, a public library can have one Reading Program with Reading Groups for preschool through adult programs using the same program code.

A Reading Program consists of a name and a program code.

It’s best to name your Reading Program something that your community will recognize.  If you’re creating a reading program for Lincoln Elementary, you could name your program “Lincoln Elementary Readers”.

When you create a program code, it’s a good idea to create a code that is familiar to your community.  If the mascot for Lincoln Elementary is the Mustangs, a useful code is “Mustang1”  It’s a good idea to make your code short and easy to remember.

Your participants will use the program code to find your reading program.  If there are multiple reading groups within your program, your participants will select the reading group(s) they belong with.