Bulk Reading Entry

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Bulk Time Entry allows an organizer to make a reading entry for an entire reading group with one action.

This feature is especially useful for classroom and group reading and reading events for schools and libraries.

To make a group entry, an organizer visits the reading group page and clicks the “Bulk Reading” text on the right-hand side of the dashboard for a given group.




The dialog box will open and allow an organizer to select the entire group by clicking “select all” at the top of the list.  Or, select the readers who were present.



Once you have selected the readers who will receive the bulk entry, click Next.

Input the amount read and the date and click “Complete”.  This will save the time for all readers selected.

The metric for the goal will appear between the value and date fields of bulk entry function.  In the case of this example, it is minutes.

You can go back and enter reading for any day that is within the time frame of the reading goal.

After the entry is made, the dashboard will update all within the group with the added entry.

The cumulative total for the reading group will update accordingly.  If there are 10 readers in the group and you make an entry of 20 minutes, the total will rise by 200 minutes for the group.