1000 Books Before Kindergarten

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Reader Zone is an excellent way to offer families a way to track if their children read 1000 books before they start kindergarten.

Patrons and families can reading groups anytime to begin tracking books read.  Here’s how to set up 1000 books before kindergarten programs:

  1.  If you don’t yet have one, create a reading program.
  2. Create Reading Groups according to when a child is set to begin kindergarten.  Good Reading Group names are clear to a user; i.e. “Starting Kindergarten 2020” and “Starting Kindergarten 2021”.
  3. You can create as many reading groups as you’d like.  Families join the group that pertains to when their child begins kindergarten.
  4. Set the goal with these parameters:
    1. The goal name can be the time frame a child will begin kindergarten, likely the same as the Group Name.
    2. Start Date can be today or when you want to begin collecting data.
    3. End Date for the approximate time that a child begins kindergarten, i.e. September 1, 2021.
    4. Goal value as 1000, for 1000 books.
    5. Goal metric is “books:.
    6. Select “None” as the goal interval