Reader Zone Academy

Welcome to Reader Zone Academy!

Below is a library of videos that instruct on every aspect of managing your Reader Zone account and reading programs.

If you have a specific question that you do not find addressed below, please email us at we’re happy to help.



Add a Child to Your Reader Zone Account

This video instructs on how to create a new Reader Zone account, add a child to then add a child to an existing reading group. This video is for the desktop version of Reader Zone.

Book Bank

This video shows what the Book Bank is and how you can use it to keep a record of the books you have read and are currently reading.

Reward Badges

Learn about how Reader Zone awards Experience Points and Badges for readers as they participate in reading programs.

Create Account

Learn how to create an account and get started with Reader Zone.

Promoting Your Reading Program

Learn how to promote your reading program.

Create Reading Program

Learn how to create Reading Programs

Create a Reading Group

Learn how to create Reading Groups within a Reading Program.

Inviting and Managing Readers

Learn how to manage your readers within Reading Programs.

Create Reading Goals

Learn how to create and manage Reading Goals for Reading Groups.

Authorized Users

Learn how to add, manage and remove authorized users in your account.

Reader Zone Dashboard

Learn the elements of the Reader Zone Dashbard

Invite Readers

Increase signups! Invite readers to participate in Reader Zone using our automated email sign up system.

Bulk Reading Entry

How to enter reading for an entire group in one step.

Group Book Bank

Add books for suggested or required reading to the Book Bank of all the readers in a Reading Group with the Group Book Bank.